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  • Power Date

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  • Raw Nut Mix 6,000 L.L.

    Filled with energy, these raw nuts will keep you going through your cleanse. Very healthy source of energy!

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  • Refresh

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  • Soup Plan 52,000 L.L.

    1 Soup, 1 Snack & 4 Bottles

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  • Spirulina 3,000 L.L.

    Add a shot of Spirulina: for allergies, immunity, improved gut flora, cholesterol, energy and helps to protect the liver from damage.

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  • Veggie Sticks w/ Pesto Hummus 6,000 L.L.

    A great healthy snack to kill the hunger while cleansing, raw cut veggies maintain the detox.

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  • Wash

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